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Nihon Unist’s 5 features

01Finding the core of the problem, we make a breakthrough by an elaborated scheme.Nihon Unist has a vision to solve problems.

Nihon Unist has considerable experience in real estate business and unique know-how. Real estate purchase is one of our most important businesses as we continuously offer attractive service through reals estate with additional values by reforming and renovating. Please experience the distinctive merit offered by Nihon Unisto to flexibly and swiftly meet the needs to sell real estate without fear of purchase risks.

02Without thinking about short-term profit,we take a risk to look ahead to the long-term profit.

Real estate purchase has a possibility to take a risk caused by the type of properties or timing. Nihon Unist is not afraid of short-term risks and conducts dynamic and comprehensive property assessment with our innovation. We do our best to meet sellers’ demand.

03With the high-performance capabilities supported by our know-how,we promptly make decisions, actions and responses.

Promptness in making decisions and actions is one of significant features of Nihon Unist. The assessment which takes 2 business days at shortest is highly valued by many customers. In business, swift mobility is an essential factor to certainly take the chance. This is one of the superiorities proudly presented by Nihon Unist.

04By thinking outside the box,we work with unconventional and flexible imagination.

Received concepts and stereotypes can be a big barrier when we proceed projects. Driving force to make the shortest way by finding the purpose and essence of business. Valuing inspiration and imagination, we have experienced considerable breakthroughs. Unconventional and flexible imagination is one of Nihon Unist’s significant features.

05Motive power comes from human resource, make workplace enrich people’s livesEach employee’s sense of accomplishment is a motive power to explore the future.

Adversity has big chances. For Nihon Unist which opens the ways with “flexible and creative imagination”, each employee’s ability is the essential source of imagination. Sharing the vision to proceed, we create the perfect corporate environment for each employee’s best performance. We always aim to offer “workplace” to realize their fulfilled lives.

Our Advantage
Strengths and expertise

The amount of real estate purchase: Over 10 billion yenRich financial resource enables prompt and large lot purchase.

Promptness in assessment is a very important factor for customers in real estate business to take a chance. Our “prompt assessment” for real estate purchase is one of the biggest strengths of Nihon Unist.

Supported by rich financial resource of over 10 billion yen for real estate purchase, we suggest to “maximize our customers’ profit” with taking short-term purchase risks into consideration by revealing each property’s “strengths” by our imagination and know-how. Our promptness not to hesitate even large lot properties and to decide over 20% of total real estate purchase within 48 hours is a great merit for our customers.

Total amount of real estate purchase
(converted into selling price)

10,509,753,000(excluding tax)

Based on the contracts from the 1st period to the 8th period (as of October 2018)

48hoursReal estate purchase within 48 hours

*excluding holidays

※ Sales price conversion

3,153,645,000(excluding tax)

Real estate purchase within 2 weeks

※ Sales price conversion

4,901,701,000(excluding tax)

Ratio by
time to
decide real
  • Within 48 hours30.0%
  • Within 2 weeks46.6%
  • others23.4%

Great ideas make them great properties.
Our service for properties with difficulties to purchase.

Some properties are classified as “difficult properties to purchase” due to various reasons. Nihon Unist has a strength in dealing with these properties.

With unconventional and flexible imagination, we identify the hidden strength that properties have and release them with additional values to the market. Area Revalue Method represented by inbound specialized hotel business is our true value. We will continue to offer great properties by innovative approaches which have been likely realized but not.