Passion to drive the project.

Nishinari, Osaka.
This place is about to experience the time for a radical change due to the increase of inbound tourists.

Hospitality during the stay is one of the big factors to decide good or bad of their “memory of trip”. Considering “hospitality” spirit of our country which has stood as a tourism country for long, I can’t regret enough about the situation that tourists have no choice but staying in vacation rental (Minpaku) or business hotels. It’s not too much to say the situation is the urgent challenge for our country which has full of inbound tourists to offer better environment for the best staying experience.

Inbound specialized hotel which has 13 stories above the ground and the total number of 186 guest rooms. Now, a project which creates a stir in the current situation mentioned above has been proceeded. Our company, Nihon Unist, has been in charge of this. Our passion and strong belief toward the project. We will show you a part of our story which contains a lot of our strengths.

Story #01
When you experience a pinch,
it’s the prologue of “beginning”

Nobutada Imamura
He is CEO of Nihon Unist Inc.

On the day, he was wondering.

A development project in Hanazono-Cho Nishinari-Ku Osaka City had gone back to start as he had not been able to reach agreement with a client

“What can I do to improve the situation…”

Then an employee changed the situation. “One of entrepreneurs that I met when I was a student aims to have inbound specialized hotel business. I have his phone number!”

I found myself to call before starting to think about it. I had no trouble to make an appointment to see the person and prepared for the meeting. At that time, I had no idea that he, whom I had just talked to, would be the trigger to push this project forward.

Story #02
The light came through us as we specialize in inbounds.

The company Imamura contacted was Freeplus Inc. The company showed the significant development in managing inbound specialized hotels. As we had had meetings and evaluations for the project at Hanazono-Cho, Nishinari-Ku, and Osaka City, the land was judged as inappropriate for Freeplus’s concept. But,

“I would like to consider this place positively. What do you think?”

Purchasing land was designated by him. The place he was pointing at was “Airin area” that nobody was willing to buy. But I instantly understood his intention to look ahead the land usage into all the judgement criterion. Surely, if we have hotel here, we have bright future for inbounds.

July 2016, it was time that all the cogwheels meshed.

We took advantage of Tanaka’s connection who led sales team in Nihon Unist and succeeded to contact with the landowner. Imamura had realized how the project started to drive forward with deeply sympathizing with the presentation by CEO of Freeplus who briefly but passionately presented the necessity and affinity of inbound specialized hotel development in the relevant area and Sinimamiya area.

Story #03
The challenges to overcome by passion,
trust and unity.

Imamura elaborately calculated balance of the account and tried to have complete risk management. But he faced difficulties to secure financial resource caused by the lack of experience in hotel management.

“we need 200million yen more for the capital. There is nothing we can do…. ”
He could not give it up and had told CEO of Freeplus about the situation.

“Our company will bear a half of the cost.”
Two days before the payment due, 100million yen, which is the enthusiastic passion and trust from Freeplus, was transferred to the bank account of Unist.

Imamura is unbelievably lucky. When he was a student, he went outside Japan as a backpacker and experienced to see the world with his own eyes and ears. He loved history and mathematics and learned about business from forerunners and never stopped pursuing to explore new schemes. To “leave the company which contributes to the society and gives impact on society for future generation”, he is the person who can put all his effort into what he does. He is just an honest and great person to work with.

Right after he had managed to acquire the financial resource, another precious meeting was waiting for him. Imamura had secretly connected with CEO of Sunada Construction K.K. He enthusiastically and passionately spoke about the project and they hit it off with each other. Imamura had succeeded in requesting hotel construction with exceptional condition.

Imamura looked back.
“Any business can’t avoid troubles. Then, the “power” driven to overcome them. I could instinctively feel that these members would make it.”

The perfect alignment was formed by Imamura’s instinct. Everyone was ready.

If passion is added to trust and unity, the driving force to overcome challenges is beyond our expectation. During the construction, Freeplus, one day, requested me to change the plan which needs 3 months extension. It took the clients’ trend of similar properties into consideration and suggested layout changes to look ahead to the future. Freeplus’s “enthusiasm” was expressed. Imamura understood its’ intention, readily agreed and flexibly dealt with the change which was different from original plans. CEO of Freeplus never forgot to express his appreciation to Nihon Unist when the episode was introduced at the completion ceremony.

The power to increase, the future to ahead to.

October 2018, the new tourist attraction finally opened. The hotel Nihon Unist developed was sold at the end of 2018 and this project had a great success.

The future Imamura is looking ahead to.
“we can contribute to the society through real estate business. But I’m not going to stick to a certain industry. Now, the flexibility of our business environment has been extremely improving, hasn’t it? We can expand our service globally, regardless of domestically or internationally, by making comprehensive system into schemes.”

Now, our company is earnestly planning to expand its business to hotel management business based on the model case in Shinimamiya. With the merit to have oversea branches, we targeted our business development in some oversea areas. Our vision is global standard.

Our company “Nihon Unist” cannot help thinking that the future to look ahead to is immensely vast and attractive.



Opened in October 2018

Operating company
Free Plus Inc.
Construction company
Sunada Construction Co., Ltd.
Osaka City Nishinari Ward Hanazono North 1-2-1
Structure and scale
Steel frame, 13 floors above ground Total area about 5,000㎡