Questions about real estate purchase
For those who consider real estate sale

  • Q.What kind of real estate do you purchase?Check the answer
    ANSWERMainly, we purchase various kinds of real estate such as land, houses, condominiums and buildings. For example, it is possible for us to purchase the real estate with difficult relation of rights such as limited proprietary right or leased land.
  • Q.Which areas are available for purchase?Check the answer
    ANSWERWe purchase real estate mainly in the 6 prefectures in Kinki area and Tokyo, and we also purchase real estate from all ordinance-designated cities in Japan
  • Q.How do you decide the price for purchase?Check the answer
    ANSWERLocation, type of real estate, layout and structure, access to stations, the roadside land price, assessed value of fixed assets, assessment based on the market price of the neighbor areas.
  • Q.How long does it take to purchase real estate at shortest?Check the answer
    ANSWERIt takes 1 to 3 business days to respond after we receive requests. Some types of real estate might take a week for assessment.
  • Q.Is it possible to sell real estate without being noticed by people around?Check the answer
    ANSWERWe, as buyer, will deal with this under strict information management
  • Q.Please tell me the flow from purchase assessment to purchase (Settlement).Check the answer
    ANSWERAfter receiving purchase inquiries, we conduct assessment for purchase price. After assessment, we propose the purchase price. If we receive your agreement, we sing the purchase agreement and transfer the amount of the purchase price to your bank account.
  • Q.What kind of information do you need for purchase assessment of real estate?Check the answer
    ANSWERPlease let us know the following information: type of real estate (ex: land, house, condominium, building and etc.), address, area, the size (the size of land, building and etc. ), preferred time to sell, and year built.
  • Q.Does it cost to receive purchase assessment?Check the answer
    ANSWERAny cost will not be charged for purchase assessment.
  • Q.If I request purchase assessment, do I always have to sell it?Check the answer
    ANSWERNo. You don’t always have to sell your real estate. Even after purchase price is proposed, you can still think more about selling with taking your matters into consideration.
  • Q.I live in another prefecture. Is it possible to request purchase assessment?Check the answer
    ANSWERAs long as your real estate is in our designated area for purchase, please consult with us. Please feel free to consult with us even if you live in distance, although we might ask you to visit our office to sign the contract.

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