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President’s Message
Message from CEO

The power to make “next step” with innovative ideas.
Being based on real estate business, we continue to give impacts to societies.

“We contribute to society by offering real estate with great additional value”

Based on the management policy followed since the time of funding, we have worked with many customers through real estate business. There are things we can do because we always have sincerity for real estate. What is the true value which is totally different from “blindly believed asset value” that real estate used to have?

With think-outside-the-box spirit, extremely innovative imagination and steady operation give us flexibility in our perspectives to recreate authentic attractions that “land and place” originally have. Prompt execution also creates great profit. These know-how and investment schemes created by Nihon Unist will bring a new life to the asset value that real estate has, persistently producing “property to meet the demand of time” by adding authentic value.

To make Nihon Unist permanently loved by and keep working with more and more people. Not only we consider to improve business and service but also we aim to continuously improve the environment with taking work-life balance of our employees ,who are source to create great additional values, into consideration. Nihon Unist continues to move on with the responsibilities to offer “next step” which has full of innovation and inspiration for every single people who are involved with us.

CEONobutada Imamura

Our Philosophy
Company policy

“We contribute to society by offering real estate with great additional value”

Our Vision

We generate innovation in finance.

The rich financial resource we generate from our real estate development. How can we return it to society more reasonably and efficiently?

To create a stir in the current fund management scheme, Nihon Unist generates “innovation in finance”.

This is to develop innovative financial instruments and investment scheme which are attractive for investors and those who have great capital needs. We move forward to offer innovative commodities and service to maximize the merit of “direct finance” the attractiveness of which is to get a great deal of profit.

Our Mission

We put importance on hotel business to expand globally

Business environment around us is experiencing a major turning point. It is necessary for us to expand oversea markets for continuous business development.

Nihon Unist looks ahead to expanding our business to overseas, which is our “requirement”, puts importance on hotel business and expands our business field swiftly and boldly.

Corporate Profile
Company profile

Company name Nihon Unist Inc.
Representative CEO Nobutada Imamura
Founded May 2nd 2011
Capital 50million yen
The number of employees 10employees *as of May 1st 2019
address ■Osaka head office
Itachiboli SQUARE 2F, 1-4-12 Itachibori Nishiku Osaka city
TEL. +81 6-6537-7120  FAX. +81 6-6537-7125

■Tokyo branch
Eisho Takanawadai building 6F, 2-11-8 Shiroganedai Minato-Ku Tokyo
TEL. +81 3-5488-7120  FAX. +81 3-5488-7124
(random order)
  • Shiga Bank (Osaka Branch)
  • Taisho Bank (Salaes department, Head office)
  • Kansai Urban Banking Corporation (Osaka-Nishi branch)
  • The Tokushima Bank, Ltd. (Esaka branch)
  • The Minato Bank, Ltd. (Amagasaki Branch)
  • Osaka Sinkin Bank (Nihonbashi branch)
  • Kinki Sangyou Credit Union (Sales department, Head office )
  • The San-in Good Bank, Ltd. (Osaka branch)
  • The Kagawa Bank, Ltd. (Osaka-Kita branch)
  • The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. (Osaka-Nishi branch)
  • Nozomi Credit Union (Minato branch)
  • The Kiyo Bank, Ltd. (Osaka-Chuou branch)
  • Osaka-Kyoei Shinyoukumiai (Sales department, Head office)
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation (Corporate sales department, head office)
  • Osaka Shoko Shinkin Bank (Sales department, Head office)
  • Tokyo City Shinkin Bank (Kagurazaka branch)
  • Osaka Co-sei Shinkin Bank (Nishi-Ku branch)
  • Higashi-Nippon Bank, Limited. (Mita branch)
  • Resona Bank, Limited. (Ichioka branch)
Main customers
(random order)
  • Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsui Fudousan Realty Co., Ltd.
  • Mizuho Realty Co., Ltd.
  • Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Fudousan Siscon Co., Ltd.
  • Toyo Property Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.
  • Sekiwa Real Estate Kansai, Ltd.
  • Tokyu Livable, Inc.
  • Urbanlife Jyutaku Hanbai, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Realty Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.

Company History

May 2011 “Nihon Unist Inc.” was founded at Higashinakajima HIgashiyodogawa-Ku Osaka City
Became licensed real estate agent company by Osaka governor
Started real estate planning and consulting business
January 2012 Moved the head office to 1-7-12 Itachibori Nishiku Osaka City
July 2012 Nobutada Imamura acquired all the stocks and has become CEO
Started real estate planning and selling business
March 2013 Moved the head office to 1-4-12 Itachibori Nishi-Ku Osaka City
Started real estate purchase business as a general developer of real estate
January 2014 Started condominium unit purchase and resale business in Chuou-Ku, Kobe City
April 2014 Acquired land in Higashi-Ku, Sakai City and started profit-making business of wooden apartment
June 2014 Acquired land in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo and started ready-built house business
March 2015 Acquired mountain and forest in Hyogo and started housing land development business
July 2015 Acquired land in Neyagawa City, Osaka and started commercial development business
December 2015 Purchased a profit-making condominium in Nakano-Ku, Tokyo and started renovation business
January 2016 Purchased a profit-making building in Kawanishi City, Hyogo and started renovation business for old buildings
March 2016 Opened Tokyo branch at Minato-Ku, Tokyo. Obtained licensed of real estate transaction operator by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
July 2016 “Unist Property Inc.” was founded
October 2016 Started hotel business at Hanaznokita Nishnari-Ku, Osaka City (The total number of the rooms: 186)
January 2017 Opened Hawaii branch
Obtained a Condominium and started hotel management
Started the second hotel business in Sakyou-Ku Kyoto City (total number of the rooms: 30)
August 2017 Ranked in the top 50 of “the growing companies promising for next 10 years”
July 2018 Set management strategy unit
August 2018 Started the third hotel business at Ebisuhigashi Naniwa-Ku Osaka City (The total number of the rooms: 235)
October 2018 Set hotel business department and launched in-house hotel management
February 2019 Set investment advisory department
March 2019 Converted an old building in Konohana-Ku, Osaka City and started in-house vacation rental business


Osaka head office

Itachiboli SQUARE 2F, 1-4-12 Itachibori Nishiku Osaka city
TEL. +81 6-6537-7120

Nearest station
Osaka Metro (Former: Osaka City Subway) Yotsubashi line
4 minutes away on foot from exit 23

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Tokyo branch

Eisho Takanawadai building 6F, 2-11-8 Shiroganedai Minato-Ku Tokyo
TEL. +81 3-5488-7120

Nearest station
Toei Asakusa line Takanawa station
50 meters from exit A2

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