Our Business

Hotels Development

#01Our Business
Hotels Development

Reasonably and comfortably.
Hotel development of Nihon Unist identifies inbound demands and expands creatively yet elaborately.

Creative real estate business. “Hotel development” is the business category that Nihon Unist truly values. By specializing in inbound demands, we select undiscovered development areas having both values: “reasonable” and “convenient”. We create “truly satisfying stay experience” for tourists by seeking the best solution which seems easy but is difficult to be found.




Real Estate Purchase

#02Our Business
Real Estate Purchase

Real estate assessment completes in 2 business days at earliest. We strongly support agents by our own know-how which outdoes purchasing risk.

Nihon Unist has considerable experience in real estate business and unique know-how. Real estate purchase is one of the most important businesses for us who continuously offer attractive service through real estate with creating additional values by reforming and renovating. Please experience the distinctive merit offered by Nihon Unist to flexibly and swiftly meet the needs to sell your real estate without fear of purchase risks.


We offer purchase assessment for any kind of properties regardless of their size and area, ranged from construction sites, condominium sites, various business sites to agricultural sites.


Please feel free to consult with us regarding not only the usual houses but also the old properties which have not been sold or have no prospects to be sold and properties which cannot be rebuilt.

03A building

We also offer purchase assessment for business office buildings and commercial tenant buildings. Please feel free to consult even the difficult conditions such as existing disqualified, old earthquake resistance standard or small lands.

04A condominium

We meet the needs to sell an owned condominium. This is one of the categories that we are positive to buy to run profitable condominium or to renovate to add high value for resale.

05Condominium (divided)

Please feel free to inquire us regarding vacancies of old condominium or selling divided section of condominium. We also offer assessments based on our own know-how for old condominiums and condominiums which meet old earthquake resistance standard.

Our strength

We would like to introduce our “strengths” and “specialties” in real estate purchase based on our considerable experience.

We introduce FAQs regarding real estate purchase (sale) in Q&A style.

House Development
Condominium, housing and land development

#03Our Business
Real Estate Purchase

We contribute to innovative but “friendly” town development with caring existing living environment and communities.

Our pleasure is to add attractive value and to bring a breath of fresh air to development areas. This is about land development not by “destroying and building” but by “preserving and growing”. With a great care for existing communities, we proceed the development to maximize the “merit” that the existing living environment has. We contribute “friendly” town development for both residents and visitors.

Commercial Building Development

#04Our Business
Real Estate Purchase

Commercial building development

In the living environment of local areas, commercial building development could be said to be an extremely important factor in terms of social significance. As this is an important factor which directly relates to convenience for living, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the success of this business decides the value of the development area. Nihon Unist, with a pride as a community-based general developer, aims to create and develop rich and lively living environment by prioritizing people’s living and drives commercial building development to realize “the good life for people”